Thursday, 16 December 2010

Been a while...

So it's been a good few months since I updated this. Apologies.

I'll keep this short and self-promotion-heavy :)

I'm in Develop's 30 Under 30 again this year, which I'm going to celebrate in style tonight... cider bottles I'm looking at you!

I've also written a piece for Develop inspired by that Panorama program, talking about addictive games.

I'm currently busy finishing off the first new game from Spilt Milk Studios for an unannounced client, and am very excited about its (surely not far away now) launch. Not only that but the comic I'm writing is going full steam ahead, and I've got 2 more projects lined up for the new year.

Things have been crazy busy, but it's all good so far!

Till next time!

PS: As a treat, some sites I know you don't look at, but should.




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