Monday, 17 August 2009

Designer Questionnaire

Found on Gamasutra this morning:

Turn-based or Real Time?

Real Time

Rounds or Respawn Timers?

Respawn Timers

Cutscenes or Scripted Events?

Scripted Events

Sliding Floor Tiles or Sliding Blocks?

Sliding Blocks

Free To Play or Subscription Based?

Free to Play

Crosshairs or Iron Sights?

Iron Sights

Skill Trees or Dialogue Trees?

Skill Trees

Console or PC?


Coop or Multiplayer?


Block or Dodge?


Open World or On Rails?

On Rails

What is the most beautiful feature or mechanic in games?


What is the most disappointing game you have ever played?


What is your favorite game judging solely by user-interface?

Wii Sports Resort

What famous designer do you wish you were?

Shigeru Miyamoto... or maybe Tetsuya Mizuguchi

What game's world is most interesting to you?

Halflife series'

What game would you most like to turn into a franchise with 13 sequels?


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