Thursday, 18 June 2009

Braben - respect!

So I caught this article on what David Braben of Frontier (a studio located not far from where I grew up in Essex) thinks is wrong with the perception of casual videogames - highlighting those in particular on the Wii - as the debate rages on about core games on the Wii and their sales.

Anyway, the man makes a very good point - one which I've been thinking on myself recently - basically that the core games press does not know how to review a casual orientated game, or even just those that are not targeted directly at the core gamer.

Having had some interesting and revealing insight into the whole 'problem' watching the launch of Flock! (a very casual game released on a bunch of very hardcore platforms, through hardcore channels - does anyone who is reading this think their mum knows how to download a game and play it on their PC? No, didn't think so!) it's nice to see some very considered and thoughtful discourse coming to the surface.

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