Thursday, 12 February 2009


Well, today at 2pm I gave my third annual lecture to the GDP students at Abertay University. We got to give them a sneak peek at FLOCK!, which went down great.

For some reason, Abertay seem to think I'm a good example of a games professional - I studied there to get my BA in Computer Arts, and have moved on into gainful employment so I suppose they may be right. They must also think I can talk, because this is the third year I've been invited in and allowed to ramble.

The first year I did it by my lonesome, the next year I took Geoff Gunning our project manager for a hand to hold, and then this year there was one more person - John Pile Jr. He actually cornered us at the lecture last year, and now he's working with us while he finishes his Masters... just goes to show!

Anyway, we talked about how we got FLOCK! signed with the legendary Capcom (something I have first hand experience of), the processes we go through to prototype, and how we develop ideas, execute on them and then see them through to completion. Having just finished an internal post mortem on FLOCK!, we were in a good position to offer some realistic advice.

Maybe we'll get to put a post mortem article onto Gamasutra - I think it'd be good to share our experiences, I may ask my boss about that in the morning...


  1. You know I hope you were able to get the approval on the post mortem. It would be 2nd one I have seen besides the one from NinjaBee that did one.

    It is always good to see developers sharing advice with students. To be a guest 3 yrs in row is a really good way to get noticed.

  2. I would love if you came and did a talk to the computer arts students at abertay at some point, being one myself i would be interested in what insights you could give. The guest lectures are always so inspiring, and well if you have been invited back so ofter, well you must been good!


  3. Haha well maybe not good, just available :)

    I get the feeling other people in the Dundee games community aren't quite as open as Proper Games is...